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The right mindset makes all the difference in achieving health goals

“Think Healthy, Be Healthy: Simple Strategies to Gain Confidence Through Fitness, Nutrition, and a Well-Balanced Lifestyle,” Beth Linder-Moss. (Stronger Than You Think/TNS)

Barbara Wilkov

Who doesn’t want to be healthy? You’d think that was motivation enough. But it’s so much work! Deprive yourself of foods you love, force yourself to exercise when you’re too tired, try to reduce your stress level (really?). We know it’s all good for us, so it’s no wonder that we’re always looking for a better way.

Enter Beth Linder-Moss, author of the book, “Think Healthy, Be Healthy: Simple Strategies to Gain Confidence Through Fitness, Nutrition, and a Well-Balanced Lifestyle” (Stronger Than You Think). She’s well qualified to help us find that better way. Linder-Moss is a certified health and wellness coach, personal and group fitness trainer, and an exercise physiologist. She earned her bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports science from Penn State and, over the years, has acquired several additional certifications in the field.

Linder-Moss acknowledges that “sometimes stressors of everyday life make it seem like we do not have enough time or the capacity to lead a healthy lifestyle. And when we feel like there are not enough minutes in the day, our willingness to motivate ourselves to work towards a healthy lifestyle starts to fade.” Yep. She gets me. And I wouldn’t be too surprised if you can relate as well.

She’s got some good news for those of us who feel overwhelmed by what it takes to get and stay healthy, though. Forget fad diets, unsustainable fitness programs, giving up things you enjoy. Her approach is all about moderation. But more importantly, it’s about creating new habits.


Linder-Moss says it’s just as easy to create good habits as it is to create bad ones. And we’re all pretty good at the latter! Instead of trying to change everything overnight, she recommends small incremental changes. “The foundation of your healthy lifestyle is based on the formation of small habits that you incorporate into your daily life.”

The first change should start within your own mind. She provides excellent insight into developing thought patterns that help you to choose healthier habits and actions. “Shaping all your perspectives into a positive mold is the key ingredient to this recipe of weight loss and healthy eating,” she writes. “You need to align your thoughts in the right direction.”

In this way, Linder-Moss follows a holistic approach to improving both your health and happiness. Motivation is certainly key. Linder-Moss says she often tells her clients to push themselves and “if they come to a point where they think they can’t continue, they should just take one more step.” That’s what she did herself with writing the book. She got out of her comfort zone and took that one more step!

“Think Healthy, Be Healthy” is full of motivational quotes as well. “The best investment you can make is in your own health” is a great place to start, especially when you feel like you don’t have time or that other daily demands seem more urgent or important.


Linder-Moss addresses the four basic components to a healthy lifestyle — diet, stress, sleep and fitness — in a strategic manner. The book includes a valuable workbook to help you set daily, weekly and long-term goals. There are guides and planners for nutrition, fitness, healthy sleep habits. There are grocery lists, stress release tactics and much more. Even better, she includes some delicious and healthy recipes. I’m particularly looking forward to trying the Cauliflower Buffalo Wings and the Protein Chocolate Ice Cream!

Her expertise shines through the whole book. Whether you are looking for advice on healthy eating, ways to reduce stress, ways to build healthy sleep habits, or how to schedule exercise into your daily life, Linder-Moss has you covered. What’s more, I often felt like she was my friend talking to me and encouraging me along the way.

She ends the book with a great quote, which has become her mantra: “She believed she could, so she did.” By the time I finished “Think Healthy, Be Healthy,” I had one thought … I’m READY. Let’s go!


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