Sunday, October 17, 2021



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Sitting at your desk doesn’t have to be a pain in...

Do you feel creaky, achy and stiff by the end of the workday? Sitting most of the day is detrimental to your health, but other work-related factors can compromise your well-being, too, Mayo experts say.

These physical therapists have a new approach for strengthening the core,...

Anyone who has been near a gym in the last decade has heard the buzz about strengthening "the core" — muscles in the trunk and abdomen that can be targeted with crunches, planks, and other gut-busting exertions.

There are 5 Federal offices for women’s health funded with billions...

Dear Healthy Men: More than a year ago, I read a column of yours that mentioned that while there are several Offices of Women’s Health in the federal government, there isn’t a corresponding Office of Men’s Health. Is that still true? And if not, why not?

Some health experts confused about administration’s booster goal

With just days to go before a high-stakes debate to determine which Moderna and Johnson & Johnson recipients receive COVID-19 booster shots, some experts remain confused about President Joe Biden’s goals for the booster rollout.

Americans eat 50% more salt than recommended, and FDA wants to...

It’s no secret the U.S. depends on processed, packaged foods; they are convenient and affordable.But these foods are also the source of 70% of sodium in Americans’ diets, the majority of which comes from salt added during the manufacturing and commercial food preparation process.