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Healthy Men: The benefits of weightlifting

Sure-fire, get-in-the-best-shape-of-your-life-or-your-money-back fitness fads have been around for thousands of years. Just in my lifetime, I’ve seen boot camps, Bowflex, CrossFit, hula hooping, Insanity, Jazzercise, kettle bells, P90X, Pilates, pole dancing, spinning, Tabata — and that’s by no means a complete list. Over the years — centuries really — one method won’t ever show up on a list of fads, but, despite the lack of hype, it may very well be the most beneficial of the bunch: good, old-fashioned weightlifting. Let’s take a look at some of the proven benefits of weight training.

Mayo Clinic Minute: When spine surgery is the answer

Having a back injury can put a person's life on hold. While most people can find relief through nonsurgical methods like physical therapy, steroid injections and medication management, some patients, including those with spine disorders, may need surgical intervention.

Chicago author’s ‘(Mis)diagnosed’ makes the case that care for your mental...

Jonathan Foiles, inelegant as it sounds, is an activist therapist. That’s not an official title — he’s a Hyde Park psychotherapist and lecturer at University of Chicago School of Social Administration. But activist therapist works, too. For several years, across a pair of books and several articles for Slate and Psychology Today, he’s been advocating for a seemingly obvious practice — therapists need to more intimately consider a person’s neighborhood, history and the systemic forces at play before settling into a mental-health diagnosis.

Ask KHN-PolitiFact: Is my cloth mask good enough to face the...

In recent months, some European airlines have banned the use of cloth face coverings to control the spread of the coronavirus during air travel, instead favoring surgical masks — sometimes referred to as medical or disposable — and N95 respirators.