Wednesday, July 28, 2021


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Mayo Clinic Minute: Drink to thirst when exercising

If the Summer Olympics inspire you to start working out, Mayo Clinic health experts say it's important to stay hydrated when you exercise. And a valuable term to remember is "drink to thirst."

49 people who were fully vaccinated have died of COVID in...

There have been 49 fully vaccinated people in New Jersey who have died from the coronavirus through July 12, state health officials told NJ Advance Media on Wednesday.

Physician convicted of illegally prescribing opioids says the DEA has turned...

As the nation grapples with a record number of overdose deaths, it might not seem like the ideal time for a physician convicted of illegally prescribing opioids to push for liberalized drug laws.

Should you get a COVID vaccine booster? What if you had...

Worried about potential side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine? Are you unsure what activities are safe following vaccination?