Monday, November 28, 2022


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Living with Children: Why ‘gentle parenting’ is a cult mentality

This is the Age of the Parenting Cult, the latest iteration of which is so-called “gentle parenting.”

N.J. offering $16M in grants to help college students with mental...

New Jersey is offering $16 million in grants to help colleges and other institutions of higher education address their students’ mental health needs, Gov. Phil Murphy announced Tuesday.

A CT woman gave a kidney to her husband in robotic...

Cristina and Angel DeJesus each have one kidney today.That’s because on Tuesday, both of Angel DeJesus’ diseased and enlarged kidneys were removed in a robotic operation, and he now has one given by his wife in a dual transplant operation at Yale New Haven Hospital.

What is a ketamine therapy session like? A Philly-based therapist explains...

Jess Jones, a licensed clinical social worker, treats a number of patients with ketamine-assisted therapy — where clients take ketamine, prescribed by a psychiatrist, in a series of sessions to treat severe depression or other serious mental health issues.

At a pizza party for mental health, farmers find community amid...

Throughout history, people have cooked food, found warmth and gathered with others around kindling — a sign that it's safe enough to rest.